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Alex's Journal

15th April, 2006. 9:15 pm. Hi

You know what I love, hating. it makes things so interesting. anyway its been a few months since I've last updated. I've been busy on the album. its turning out good and some of my songs are on my music myspace yep. yep.

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20th February, 2006. 1:36 pm. Clapton is God

I am not.


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5th February, 2006. 12:35 am. bahhh

Tired. Hungry. Tired. slightly bored. oh well.

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22nd December, 2005. 12:09 am. Power Outage town

so there was a wild and crazy power outage in a chunk of fishers landing tonight which of course encompasses my house. it was really cool though becuase I was at my house with JOrdun and erik sam grant and jermel were at target and they saw the tranformer blow out. it was weird becuase the power came on and off at my house and then it just died. and then I was like what the hell is my brother doing now but it turned out to be everyone. so I went on an investigative drive and pretty much everything within maybe half a mile or a quarter of a mile had no power and the street lights and signals were out so that was cool. and everything was kinda like that movie pitchblack for a while. yep.

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20th December, 2005. 11:23 pm. yeah

satan should be expecting one more.

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20th December, 2005. 10:06 pm.

If procrastination is a sin I think I'm totally going to hell.

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20th December, 2005. 8:54 pm. Bah

Tommorow is such a tacked on day, bleh. oh well atleast I have a chance to finish some homework and turn it in before break. and atleast the vocal showcase is still on. meh...I should probably go scrounge for a white elephant gift. or...finish my...eh Lit analysis. yes.

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9th December, 2005. 11:08 pm.

I am awesome.

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25th October, 2005. 11:35 pm.

I hate myself.

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19th July, 2005. 8:29 am. helo

tommorow is my birfday. i'm not really too excited aside the fact i get to eat food...heh....mmmm. anyway I dont have everyones phone number so I havent called some people that I've been meaning too, oh well, everyones welcome to my house tommorow if they have nothing to do. mUAHA HA HA HA HAH assuming you know where i live. that means your in in the inner circle of my league of friends. heh just kidding. anyway. hey i need to start driving eh?

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