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qam's Journal

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People see things in me that I don't...hmm maybe i should look at myself harder in a mirror or maybe with an x-ray.

800 octane, a clean room, acoustic guitars, acoustics, acting, adreniline, aliens, alternative music, art, bad influences, bands, bass guitar, bass guitars, beautiful music, being a pirate, being alone, being angry, being asian, being happy, being held, being in love, being left alone, being left handed, being myself, being normal, being weird, blink-182, boxcar racer, buying bass guitars, car rides at night, caremel, catcher in the rye, chilling out, cleaning my room, computers, counter-strike, dashboard confessional, day of defeat, diablo, did i mention basses?, drawing, duct tape, dumb acts of stupidity, fixing stuff, foo fighters, friends, getting high, giving forehead kisses, glimmers of hope, good bands, good music, greenday, half-life, happiness, having a girlfriend, having a room, holding hands, ice cream, jules verne, kissing, led zeppelin, left handed, lefties, looking at bass's, love, magic brownies, making icons, mentors, metal, my bass, my room, not being sad, not getting dumped, not yelling, objects, oldies, painting, people like me!, perfect clouds, playing bass, playing bass left handed, playing guitar left handed, procrastinating, punk music, reading good books, relationships, rock music, scotch tape, ska, sketching, sleeping forever, small crowds, special bonds, starcraft, stars, staying alive, summer breeze, sunny days, tag 19, talking softly, team fortress, the beatles, the cia, the fbi, the fire department, the irs, the police, thinking of bass's, trying to work out, u.f.o, video cameras, videogames, vsaa, winter nights, working out, writing songs, writing stories, yelling when provoked

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